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Whether you’re going back to the office or working remotely, we’re still here to reward your staff!

As coronavirus restrictions begin to lift, businesses are starting to put concrete plans in place with regard to the best ways of working and making a move back to normality. For some, this means a return to the office and for others, it may mean a permanent transition to working remotely. As such, we’re adjusting our employee rewards program to accommodate you and your employees, so we can continue to reward and keep spirits high in these uncertain times.

Back to Work Support

In order to adhere to new social distancing regulations, many companies are implementing new plans to reduce the number of employees on location/in-office at the same time. For example, one strategy includes employees rotating between working from home and working in-office.

The Work Perk will continue to reward your office-based employees with free & fantastic work perks from exciting brands - you just need to tell us your new working arrangements.

Simply opt-in to one of the campaigns on our website as normal. You will then be prompted to confirm your current working set-up and the percentage of employees that are back in the office. Based on this information, we will be able to arrange a delivery that maximises the number of employees being rewarded – meaning none of your staff will miss out on our work perks!

It’s the perfect way to welcome your workforce back to the office.

If you’re not already on our network and want to provide free perks for your employees as they return to work, click here to sign up now.

No plans to go back to the office? No problem.

In a recent Twitter poll that we conducted, 35% of people said that they have not felt motivated at all by their company since working from home, with a further 25% suggesting that they haven’t felt consistently motivated.

We know how important it is to maintain strong communications with your employees while they’re working remotely (click here to read our piece on ‘5 Ways to Motivate & Reward Employees for Free’!). Mimicking the benefits of an office environment (i.e. friendly catchups, 1-2-1 attention, benefits & rewards) keeps employees engaged and involved. That’s why, as employee rewards specialists, we’ve been busy finding solutions and new ways to treat team members while working from home.

Introducing Personal Perks – our brand-new app that allows users to request, receive and review products on their phone, to their home. If your employees enjoy receiving freebies from The Work Perk, they now have the chance to emulate the in-office desk drop experience in the comfort of their homes, all completely free-of-charge.

Once signed up on the app, they can browse the perks available, request physical samples/products to their home, or enjoy exclusive offers with instant redeemable vouchers. Plus, employees on The Work Perk network will be able to participate in competitions and questionnaires by simply inputting their companies unique WPA Code when signing-up.

We’re very excited to be able to offer you this new employee rewards scheme to treat and support your furloughed employees or those working remotely!

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Your employees can learn more about Personal Perks and join the mailing list by going here.

If you want more information on how Personal Perks can work for you and your employees while working remotely, drop us an email at

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