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Personalised Offers: straight to consumers that matter to your Brand.  

Although the importance of influencing your target consumers has always been a key objective in your brand’s campaigns, the effect of the pandemic suggests that it is now at the forefront of your wider marketing strategies. In fact, it has permanently altered spending habits, for example, consumers have become increasingly brand loyalists, are focusing on the essentials, and generally spending less.  

As costs have become the core consumer motivation, brands must challenge these buying habits and influence those consumers that have become brand loyalists. A proven method to drive better brand engagement and conversion is to impact your target consumers with a tangible benefit. Our Personal Perks campaigns have a multitude of valuable aspects to ensure that consumers are always at the forefront of your D2C activation.

How do we implement these into our campaigns?

Our campaigns are targeted specifically to an audience that meets the specifications requested by your brand. We can filter our user-base by a range of different variables, for example, location, gender, interests, meaning your offering is only advertised to your target consumers. The App also puts consumers in control of selecting the campaigns that resonate most with their personal preferences and requirements. This fuels engagement with consumers who have opted-in to your campaign as they have already shown an active interest in your brand. The segmentation process not only ensures you impact the audience that matters to your brand, but it also minimises waste of products landing in the wrong hands.  

Additionally, your brand offering is not limited to physical samples either. Our app also allows you to offer discounts, promotions and subscriptions, getting personalised offerings straight to your target audience.   

As well as this, during the post-campaign process, brands have the option to gain consumer insights via our interactive questionnaire platform. This becomes live upon delivery of the offer/sample, meaning data acquisition is as close to the moment of trial as possible and so as accurate as possible. Our Personal Perks Team will generate a post-activity report including full data analysis, a breakdown of consumer feedback, photos gathered, testimonials and engagement rates.  

For more information and  to gain more insight into how our  Personal Perk  Campaigns are structured and the type of consumer feedback we can generate, please take a look at our Case Studies.

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