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The Secret To Customer Acquisition 2021

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

It is evident that there has been a massive consumer shift as a result of the pandemic; globally, 49% of consumers shop online more now than they did pre-Covid-19, highlighting the consumer adoption of digital shopping.* These shopping trends stress the need for brands and retailers to adapt their marketing methods in order to meet new customer demand and expectations.

Whilst the pandemic has accelerated the rise in digital purchasing trends such as; social commerce and shopping on smartphones, consumers still want a mixture of experiences when it comes to shopping. As a result of this, consumers miss the connection with brands that physical brick-and-mortar stores give them as, over half (52 percent) of shoppers said what they value most about an in-store shopping experience is the ability to touch, see, and try on products.** There is a big necessity for brands to reach customers where they are: at home. With similar experiences. As these trends are only set to increase, it is imperative for brands to meet expectations in order to be successful. The solution? Product Sampling.

Our Personal Perks App can help brands to execute their product sampling campaigns, allowing customers to test and trial your products at home. Personal Perks allows consumers to request free samples/vouchers/offers from brands that resonate with their individual interests. Users can enjoy perks from top brands, delivered directly to their home address. This replicates and replaces the in-store sampling experience allowing consumers to connect with brands from the comfort of their homes.

The benefits of our campaigns include:

· Targeted Campaigns - our user base can be filtered via a range of variables which are relevant to your brands target audience.

· Bespoke Perk Page - all promotions have a dedicated page, including your brand messaging, content, imagery and any additional touchpoints that align with your marketing plans eg. social media and e-commerce links

· Consumer Perk Request - users actively request your brands offering; showing that initial interest, entering the consideration stage.

· Consumer Insights - we’re able to generate great consumer feedback and insights through an integrated questionnaire. This becomes live upon delivery of the sample, making data acquisition as accurate and close to the moment of trial as possible.

· TV Adverts and ATL Communications

With half (49 percent) of shoppers looking on product pages for customer photos, and 42 percent of shoppers not purchasing if the page they visit lacks user-generated content.** The consumer content we can generate from your campaign is valuable to ensure future customer conversion by helping them with their purchasing decision.

Gavin, Account Director says, "D2C is one of the most effective channels to drive new customer acquisition. This approach is even more efficient and important after such a pivotal shift in consumer trends resulting from the pandemic."

For more information on our Personal Perks App and how it can work for your brand please get in touch with Gavin at




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