The new D2C service offering by The Work Perk Ltd.

Personalised offers and promotions, straight to consumers that are relevant to your brand.



D2C is currently one of the most effective channels to drive new customer acquisition. The Personal Perks platform puts consumers in control of selecting campaigns that resonate most with their own personal preferences and requirements. This in itself will massively inflate traditional D2C customer acquisition conversion rates, and break the norm when it comes to ROI!


Our user base can be filtered via a range of variables, so your offering is only advertised and requested by the consumers that matter to your brand (e.g. gender, location, occupation etc.).

Furthermore, we're able to prompt users with further audience filtering questions to get a deeper understanding of their consumer habits, e.g. ‘Are you Vegan?’, ‘Do you regularly go to the gym?’ or 'Are you a smoker/vaper?'.


All promotions will have a dedicated Perks Page created by our in-house design team. Your brand messaging, content and imagery can be accompanied by any additional touchpoints that align with your marketing plans e.g. social media, e-commerce links etc.

Users will have the chance to actively request your promotion(s) via the Personal Perk app. Once their preferred delivery mechanic is selected, the delivery (whether physical or electronic) is managed in-house.


You have the option to gain consumer insights and feedback via our interactive questionnaire platform. Users are prompted to complete the questionnaire, leave feedback. You will also be able to acquire GDPR compliant data for further marketing communications from your brand to the consumer.

Post activation you will receive a Post-Activity Report.  The report will include full data analysis, a breakdown of consumer insights testimonials, pictures and engagement rates, as well as details of any incentives and competitions.


Consumers are incentivised to take part in campaigns by earning Personal Perk Coins (PPC) for completing any of the outlined actions. These actions include:

- Completing the questionnaire.

- Leaving a rating and testimonial

- Sharing the Perk

- Taking a photo with/of the Perk

- Referring a friend.

Once actions are completed, consumer wallets are updated with their current PPC. This can then be redeemed on Personal Perk endorsed prizes ranging from Amazon vouchers to iPADs. 



Your app campaign page will be designed by our marketing team. We try to make campaign pages as bespoke as possible to best represent your brand/product. 

If you have a key campaign objectives such as, increase more traffic to your online shop, drive social media engagement or foster better relationships with high street retail partners, please let us know and our team will optimise the design to best achieve this.

Office Sampling Specialists

Over the last decade, The Work Perk has created a network audience of over 6 million consumers in the UK, that receive product samples and take advantage of promotional offers via the brands we partner with.

TWP has helped brands capitalise on, and align consumption periods during the course of the working day. Delivering samples direct to employees desk's not only creates phenomenal brand engagement but, also meaningful and memorable conversations amongst colleagues...

Personal Perks is the new D2C sampling and promotions solution by The Work Perk.



We can set up a Screen Share to walk you through the app and show you all the benefits of running a promotion via Personal Perks. Once we establish the best suited activation style we’ll present a commercial proposal.


Alternatively, you can send a quick query and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP.

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